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    Guidance from Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe’s Clinic on COVID-19 Coronavirus

    The clinic is open. Please be assured, we have made alterations at 4 Upper Wimpole Street according to the guidance of the Government and the Plastic Surgery Associations to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

    Your safety and well-being is paramount to us. As such, virtual consultations are still encouraged as a first initial meeting. This will hopefully help with answering some of your questions and a clinic appointment can be arranged after. We also do understand that there will be reasons when a face to face consultation at the clinic is required instead of the virtual consultation and these will also be accommodated per patient case.

    If we do arrange an In-Person Clinic Consultation and you or we think that you have a high chance of currently being infected with Coronavirus, you should delay your attendance until a safer time.

    Please complete the COVID 19 questionnaire here before attending the clinic.

    Just to remind of what happens during a Virtual and Telephone Consultation?

    These work similar to an in-person consultation, I will discuss the procedure or surgery, your concerns, what you’re hoping to achieve with the procedure or surgery, similar to an in-person, face to face consultation. If you opt for virtual, I will be able to advise you based on a visual assessment, whether the surgery or the treatment you’d like to discuss might be suitable for you or other options available. I will explain in depth both the benefits of surgery, as well as any potential complications and risks. My fee for a consultation is £150. This fee includes a follow up In-Person consultation. If surgery is advised, a provisional treatment plan will be created and discussed at your In-Patient Consultation in order for the surgical plan to be confirmed and for your consent.

    If you would like to arrange a Face to Face, Virtual or Telephone Consultation or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact my PA, Carol.

    Call: 020 7403 8694


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