Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe


Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe undertakes all aspects of Cosmetic and Aesthetics surgery, as well as Reconstructive surgery. Learn all about the different of surgeries Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe performs. Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe and his team preform plastic surgery in London to a range of clients who have chosen him for his expertise and experience.

Many people think of procedures such as Breast Augmentations when they think of plastic surgery. There is a huge range of different procedures to tackle different issues. Many of these are procedures that most will never have heard of. See the full range here, and find out how to book a consultation. Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe performs plastic surgery in London, and has years of experience working in different hospitals in the city.


Breast surgery is one the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures. Enhancement, implants, reconstruction, lifting or reducing the breast.


Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe offers a range of facial cosmetic surgeries to fulfill your desired facial appearance, from rhinoplasty to mid or full face lift.


Body contouring procedures improve the appearance of loose / sagging skin, re-m.odelling and sculpting the patients body after weight loss or to remove stubborn pockets of fat


Minor surgical procedures are applied on superficial tissues, usually with local anesthesia, and minimal complications.