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Breast Augmentation (Implants)


To increase breast volume, the use of breast implants is the most common way ever since the introduction of silicone implants in the 60s. Also, the quality of breast implants has improved over the years and the silicone inside the implants has changed from a liquid form to a more cohesive gel.

Breast implants come in different volumes and shapes in general. Volume increment in a single surgical setting is limited by skin tone, the footprint of the breast, and the shape of the patient.

Different implants have different advantages and disadvantages. So, you will be guided by Mr. Ho-Asjoe at your consultation as to which is the most appropriate for you, but here is a blog written by Mr Ho-Asjoe regarding a surgeon's decision on the placement of breast implants.

The procedure for breast enhancement with Fat Transfer is also becoming a popular procedure requested by patients.


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It is advisable to wear a sports bra which you should wear constantly except taking it off briefly to shower. Re-bleeding in the implant pocket causing a collection of blood or haematoma may occur in the first 24 hours. Therefore limitation of arm movements is advised. You may experience a burning sensation in your nipples for about two weeks but this will subside as the bruising goes away.

The swelling in your breasts may take a couple of months to go completely. You should be able to return to work after two weeks but avoid exertive upper body exercise for six weeks.

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There should not be any concern regarding silicone implants which was reviewed by an Independent Review Group (IRG) set up by the Chief Medical Officer in 1997. A complete report can be obtained on the web site



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"I had a breast augmentation with Dr Mark in December & I couldn’t have asked for better care! Him & his secretary Carol Baker made me feel extremely comfortable from my first consultation. He did an amazing job & I'm so pleased with the results. Overall an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering surgery." Google - Feb 2021

"I first met Dr Mark Ho-Asjoe 4 years ago when I was considering breast augmentation. I was naturally apprehensive as had never had surgery before but Dr Ho-Asjoe immediately put me at ease. I had several consultations with him before my surgery. He was always respectful and professional and gave me excellent advice on what kind of implants would be best for my frame and desired look. He also made sure I knew exactly how the procedure would be performed and that I was aware of any (rare) problems that could arise.

On the day of the surgery Dr Ho-Asjoe made me feel relaxed and calm. The procedure was quick and I was back at home that evening to recover. My surgery was followed up with several check ups to ensure my implants were okay and I was healing properly.

I am extremely happy with my implants, it's the best thing I have done. I have had my implants for 4 years now and am considering going a little larger. I have already met Dr Mark Ho-Asjoe for a consultation on this and just as before, he put me at ease and discussed what options I have for the new size I would like. I'm looking forward to my second surgery. I can't recommend Dr Mark Ho-Asjoe enough, he is a wonderful and experienced surgeon and I feel that I am in extremely safe hands" Emma B - Google 2020

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