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If you have ever despaired about those areas of fat that never seem to respond to dieting or exercise. Liposuction surgery may be the solution. Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure and an internationally approved method of safely removing unwanted fat.  The principle of liposuction involves the injection of a fluid containing a local anesthetic for pain relief and ease of aspiration.  A cannula is then inserted through a small incision to aspirate the excess fatty tissue.  Some of the harvested fat can be washed and re-injected into different parts of the body. This is to augment and re-sculpture the body shape e.g. buttock or breast.  The technology of fat transfer has improved significantly.  Even though the actual percentage of fat survival can still be improved, patients are happy with the results but may require a secondary top-up.

There are a lot of commercial machines advertised with the suggestion of different advantages. Many of the suggested benefits of these special machines are for marketing purposes and Mr. Ho-Asjoe can explain to you the differences between them and how beneficial they are to you as a patient.

Liposuction is carried out under general anaesthetic and the patient can either have the surgery carried out as a day case or an overnight stay. Smaller areas can be treated with liposuction using a local anaesthetic, on a day case basis. 

With liposuction and lipo-sculpturing, it is important to realise that the final outcome and the duration of the effect are also related to maintaining a good diet and exercise regime afterward.

Liposuction is also involved in the procedure for Fat Transfer (Breast Augmentation).


Patients are advised to wear a compression garment to help with swelling and support. Manual lymphatic drainage or massage can be a beneficial adjunct to surgery a few weeks later.

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