Ozempic Face – Is Ozempic changing the way we look at facelifts?

Ozempic Face – Is Ozempic changing the way we look at facelifts?

Ozempic (Semaglutide), Wegovy. What is the impact of the new weight loss trend?

One of the biggest weight loss trends of 2023 was Ozempic (Semiglutide). Even though Ozempic is primarily used by diabetic people, it has also been found to have amazing weight loss applications, with those using it dropping a lot of weight in a short period. Whether you think that this is a good or bad application, it has become fairly widespread. However, now that we have seen those who have been using this for months, we have seen some of the unwanted effects.

Ozempic causes weight loss, this is something we have seen in many people, however, it doesn’t discriminate depending on where this weight is. Even though this is more likely to be seen in those who have taken the drug for an extended period, or those who didn’t have a large amount of weight to lose in the first place, can see weight loss in their face. This may not seem like a bad thing, but can (at times) leave some looking gaunt, and can show wrinkles in the skin, especially to the face.

In cases like these, the skin has nothing to give it fullness, which can create a youthful look. This can be especially apparent in those who are slightly older, as the production of collagen is reduced, and the skin's elasticity isn’t good enough to bounce back from losing the fat from the face.

How could this inform facelifts?

Many opt for non-surgical procedures, such as threads to tighten the facial skin. This can be used to make the skin taut across the face, or even be used to assist in lifting the tissue and promoting the production of collagen. This is a tried and proven method and has achieved some great results for those who have undergone this procedure. However, this doesn’t account for the lack of fatty tissue in the face. Even though the skin is tighter, the fullness will still not be there.

So, how could fullness be restored? Many believe that fillers could be the answer, though the aesthetics trend of 2024 is moving towards a more natural look. Fillers in small amounts injected correctly can help. There are also many different types of facial implants available. These can also be custom to the patient's needs. Although these are great options, many are speculating that fat transfer to the face will become very popular in the coming years. This has all of the benefits of filler but uses the body’s matter.

This will also give the most natural look and will last much longer than filler. Would you try it?