Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe


We perform many Non-surgical Aesthetic Procedures in the Clinic at 4 Upper Wimpole Street London. From the SkinPen to Facial Contouring, Thread Lifting and Dermal Fillers, to facial cosmetic treatments.


The non-surgical nose job is becoming a popular and exciting alternative to surgical rhinoplasty, it is a popular option for Asian Aesthetics. Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe is able to sculpt the nose with temporary hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, camouflaging a bump or any irregularities.


Dermal Fillers are injected directly into specific areas for facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. An excessive amount of filler injected into a single area produces an overfilled appearance and gives filler a bad reputation, always seek a medical professional to administer.


The Facial Thread Lift is not a replacement of surgical facelift as the effect is more subtle. The treatment is ideal for those patients who are not ready to undergo surgery and those patients looking for some improvement with minimal recovery time.


If you would like smooth and even forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet and neck bands, anti ageing injects are used in conjunction with forehead lifts, facelifts, and eyelid surgery. It can also be used to treat ‘Gummy smile’, depressed corner of mouth and chin dimpling.


The SkinPen is the world’s first FDA approved micro-needling device; used for the treatment of acne, scars, ageing, pigmentation, wrinkles, and skin collagen rejuvenation. This is a new treatment to the Clinic and the treatment is administered by a nurse.


Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe is highly skilled in injectable treatments and is able to sculpt the calves with muscle-relaxing injections, producing a slimmer, more aesthetically-pleasing appearance to the lower legs.


Calecim® rejuvenating conditioned media is a patented protein mix derived from the umbilical cord lining of red deer. The umbilical cord lining is a powerful source of youth-activating proteins and growth factors, with fast-acting, anti-ageing benefits for the skin.