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Facial Thread Lift


The Facial Thread Lift is not a replacement of surgical facelift as the effect is more subtle. The treatment is ideal for those patients who are not ready to undergo surgery and those patients looking for some improvement with minimal recovery time. Patients may notice some swelling and redness for around 24 hours and on the rare occasion, may have minor bruising that can be camouflaged with makeup.

Thread lift started with using non-dissolvable threads with barbs. These barbs hooked onto the underlying tissue and the threads are anchored laterally with a hairline incision. With evolution of the technique, dissolvable threads became popular and the principle mechanism has moved on to stimulation of tissue contraction rather than support. PDO threads are hair like threads that stimulate collagen production when inserted under the skin surface. These threads will dissolve after a couple of months and during the time, it increases local blood circulation and collagen production and in turn, leads to skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. The use of PDO threads can also help to improve the forehead and brow position.

The effect of PDO threads will last for approximately 18 months and patients are advised to have maintenance therapy after the initial treatment.

The technique has gained popularity in Asia with increasing demand of the “V” shaped lower face and has been labeled as the “V” lift. More recently, the use of PDO threads have been applied to other areas of the body with some degree of success.


Topical anaesthetic cream is applied following which threads are introduced into the skin through a fine needle – into the skin itself, the muscle, or the subcutaneous fat. The treatment results in an immediate improvement in appearance but the results will improve over ensuing days and weeks as the PDO stimulates neocollagenesis, increasing the amount of collagen in the skin. The appearance of the skin improves in terms of overall texture, becoming thicker, tighter and firmer as fine lines and wrinkles are reduced


This is a very versatile treatment which can be used in any part of the face and neck to treat sagging brows, naso-labial lines, vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles, drooping cheeks, marionette lines, sagging jawline, plus wrinkles and folds on the chin and neck.


Thread-lift treatments result in an instant and natural looking improvement in the appearance of the skin. A process of natural protein synthesis then begins after about 10-14 days. Over the subsequent weeks results will continue to improve, peaking at around 6 months and lasting for up to 2 years as your own body produces collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid making this form of non-surgical facelift a very long lasting treatment. The thread itself is completely biodegradable and dissolves within 12 weeks, after which new collagen has formed around the thread to continue to support results, maintaining a smooth and supple texture of the skin.


Some pain/discomfort after treatment can be expected, Paracetamol can be taken if required. It is advisable to avoid anti-inflammatories as they can suppress new collagen formation.
Do not have any other aesthetic procedures (such as toxins, fillers, peels etc.) for 7 days
Gently wash the treated area as required, but do not rub or massage.
It is important not to overstretch the treated area (i.e. open the mouth wide) for 4 weeks (avoid dental treatment during this time if possible)
Do not have Radio-frequency, IPL, Laser or other heat treatments near the treated area for 10 weeks

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