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Earfold Surgery

WHY OPT FOR Earfold®

One of the components of prominent ear is the lack of antihelical fold that is responsible for folding back the upper part of the ear. The introduction of Earfold® means this condition can be corrected with a small surgery under local anaesthetic without having a prolonged recovery period with traditional surgery.

Earfold® is a thin highly elastic implant made of Nitinol which is widely used in medicine. The implant is malleable but is fixed in its shape. Under local anaesthetic, a small 8 - 10mm incision is made in the crease of the ear and with minimal dissection. The Earfold® clip is then introduced into the dissected pocket to create the antihelical fold, pushing the upper pole of the ear closer to the skull. The wound is then closed and small dressing applied. The surgery will take around 20-30 minutes and patients can return to regular routine but they should avoid contact sports, helmet for 1-2 weeks until swelling get settled down.

Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for Earfold® and a consultation using pre-fold clips is compulsory. The pre-fold will demonstrate the result of Earfold® in correcting prominent ears. In those cases where the pre-fold trial fails to produce a satisfactory result, Earfold® is unlikely to be the ideal treatment and Surgical Correction (Pinnaplasty) will be more appropriate.

After ear correction surgery or Earfold®, the small scars are hidden behind the ears and are not noticeable.


The Earfold® procedure typically takes about 20 - 30 minutes, and only uses local anaesthetic.

Here's a summary of what you can expect on the day of your procedure:

  1. The position of the implants that you agreed will be marked on your ear.
  2. A local anaesthetic will be administered to numb your ears.
  3. A small incision (8-10mm long) will be made.
  4. The Earfold® implants will be inserted into your ear with a small handheld device.
  5. Once inserted, the Earfold® implants immediately help to correct your ear prominence.
  6. The small incision will be closed with sutures and dressed with some sterile tape.

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