Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe



One of the signs associated with aging or smoking is the loss of volume in the lips and peri-oral wrinkling. In some cases, patients simply have thin lips and would like to improve their appearance.

For a short term solution, non-permanent fillers can be used but the cost can add up over the years. For a more permanent solution, Permalip is a great alternative. It is a soft silicone implant which can be inserted through the corner of the mouth under local anaesthetic. There may be some swelling and bruising for a few days but it will all settle down within a week. Patients are asked to perform lip massage for a few weeks.

The implant can easily be removed but so far, no one has requested the removal of the implant.


There will be some bruising and swelling on the lips and patients are warned about drinking or eating anytime too hot as sensation is transiently reduced. The effect is similar to dental treatment with local anaesthetic.

The patient can take analgesia and ice pack to reduce swelling and inflammation and most of the swelling will settle down in 7-10 days.

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