Mr Mark Ho-Asjoe

Massive Weight Loss Surgery (MWLS)


Massive weight loss surgery has become a common procedure carried out by surgeons to help people who have not been successful with standard dietary and exercise regimes.  It encompasses different operations with the goal of losing a significant amount of weight.

Once the target weight is achieved, many patients are left with excess skin in different parts of their body including empty breasts, ptotic buttocks and loose abdominal pannus.  Besides causing emotional distress to the patients, the loose skin can lead to friction abrasion and, recurrent infection.  Plastic Surgery can help with removal of the excess skin and reposition the tissue to the appropriate position.  Even though the surgery employ standard principle for abdominoplasty, mastopexy, arm and thigh lift, special attention is required with the alteration in tissue quality.

In addition, patients are advised that such surgery should only take place when their weight has been stabilized for at least 1 year.  In patients who had bypass surgery or stomach reduction, it is important to investigate their nutrient level which may affect their healing process.

The Plastic Surgical part of massive weight loss surgery is an entity on its own encompassing all the above procedures. The patient who have successfully lost weight have excess skin around the body and loss of subcutaneous fat around the facial region. The excess skin can be removed and subcutaneous tissue repositioned with surgery. A thorough consultation is mandatory to discuss the pros and cons of treatment.

Some patients will require a sequence of surgery therefore, it is important to plan carefully in advance for the health and safety of the patient.

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