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For a massive weight loss patient, there is a large amount of excess skin around the abdominal area. Due to this, a circumferential body lift and abdominoplasty is normally required.

This is exacerbated with buttock ptosis and mons ptosis. It is extremely troublesome for patients both socially and physically with a recurrent skin infection. This is because they are unable to buy clothes. The treatment of choice is to have a circumferential body lift. The surgery encompasses the excision of large volume of skin and loose tissue around the mid-torso (belt lipectomy) and lifting the buttock and mons upwards (trouser lift) and tightening the abdominal region (abdominoplasty). The combination of the above will re-shape the mid-trunk area. 

Patients may also require other surgeries to improve the mid-torso. This includes procedures such as skin incision to the lower buttock, thigh lift, buttock augmentation.  Some of these surgeries can be carried out together but some combinations are not advisable for wound healing and swelling reason.  Some patients prefer to have abdominoplasty in the first instance before considering the body lift.  Mr. Ho-Asjoe can advise and recommend the options during the consultation.

Body lift surgery in the UK is becoming more common as more patients have successfully lost weight with or without the help of surgical intervention.  To take on surgery, patients are required to have stabilized the weight for at least 6 months. They must also have good haematological indices to ensure good wound healing.  It is also essential to allow sufficient time to rest and recover from the surgery especially belt lipectomy.


This is a big operation and patient is required to stay in the hospital for 5 days. A circumferential scar is formed at the level of the hip bone and this will require a longer period to heal. In some cases, abdominoplasty can be performed in the first instance and the remaining circumferential lift can be performed as a second procedure.

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