What Makes Liposuction So Effective?

Liposuction stomach

Diet and exercise can do wonders for creating your dream body. From body-part specific strengthening exercises to cardio for overall body fat reduction, creating a lean physique turns heads. Unfortunately, spot-reduction of body fat in certain areas isn’t possible through diet and exercise alone. Liposuction can help, and fortunately, liposuction stomach cost, for example, isn’t as high as many think.

The Liposuction Process

Liposuction uses a hollow, needle-like instrument called a cannula to remove fat from small places in the body. The tip is inserted under the skin and a vacuum is used at the other end to extract fat cells. It’s best performed by a certified surgeon in a clinical setting.

Liposuction isn’t a treatment for obesity, as there is only a small amount of fat that can be safely removed at one time. Small, stubborn fat deposits can be removed using liposuction, and the overall contour of the body is changed. Removal of the fat cells is permanent, but if the patient doesn’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, then fat cells can grow back.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Liposuction?

People who have a couple of small areas where there are larger fat deposits are the best candidates for liposuction. Many plastic surgery clinics in London will mention that a healthy body has a faster healing rate and lower risk of infection than an unhealthy one.

What Are Risks of Liposuction?

If too much body fat is removed, the skin can look lumpy or wrinkled. Your surgeon may make recommendations of removing less fat in a single session to prevent a deflated appearance. Many plastic surgery clinics in London offer a complimentary consultation, which may include recommendations for diet and exercise beforehand. This can add muscle to the areas you desire liposuction, resulting in a firmer appearance.

Liposuction, as a surgical procedure, may result in infection. It typically has inflammation that lasts for a month, and the true results from the procedure aren’t readily apparent until about 6 weeks later. If you desire liposuction, the cost for a stomach procedure may be more affordable than you think. Choose a reputable surgeon such as Dr. Mark Ho-asjoe to achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of.

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