Top 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men in 2018

The number of men who are opting for a medical procedure is on the rise, with men being an interesting but booming demographic when it comes to plastic surgery procedures. The interest is largely galvanized by shifting views on men and self-care, with the aspect of male plastic surgery candidates being a global phenomenon. Here are the top 5 plastic surgery procedures for men in 2018.

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  1. Facelift- There will come a point where over-the-counter solutions will stop working. They can be useful for correcting sallow skin, fine lines, and issues with hyperpigmentation, but they will not be effective against the effects of gravity. Coupled with a loss of collagen and elastin, gravity will cause the skin to sag noticeably. This is where a facelift can be a viable solution.

During a facelift, a surgeon creates a small incision, typically behind the ear or near the hairline, to mitigate visible scar tissue. The skin is then stretched and held taught, while it is stitched in place.

  1. Alternatives To Facelift for Men- Who do not want such a dramatic change or are nervous about possible scar tissue, then a blepharoplasty – or eyelid surgery – may be a viable solution. During this sort of procedure, skin is removed from the upper eyelid and fat is trimmed out before the incision site is stitched together. Coupled with a lower rhytidectomy to remove loose skin around the neck area, blepharoplasty can restore the youthfulness of your facial features.

  2. Rhinoplasty- A rhinoplasty can help men look better by changing the shape of the nose, removing and refining any cosmetic bumps and depressions due to a past injury or aging skin. A rhinoplasty can also be a solution if you have been suffering from a deviated septum.

  3. Mentoplasty- This is a type of chin augmentation, the hallmark of a strong and masculine facial feature. This procedure reshapes the chin area and is sometimes coupled with a rhinoplasty to even out the face.

In this sort of procedure, an incision is made between the lower lips and gums, with an accompanying cut made on the chin. The plastic surgeon will then sculpt the soft tissue and install an implant. It’s a relatively straightforward process, with the patient being able to go back to work in less than a week post-surgery.

  1. Liposuction- Liposuction is another plastic surgery that has become popular with men. With this procedure, excess fat deposits are moved, creating new body contours. Typically men will have liposuction done on their abdomen, since most have fat grows there. But it can be done in other areas as well, like the flanks.

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