Hybrid has become one of the buzzwords in the fields of tech and industry and is now dominating the aesthetics market with the introduction of the hybrid breast augmentation. The female desire to enhance the size and shape of their breasts hasn’t disappeared but concerns over breast implants and the impetus to produce the optimal, aesthetic result for their patients has led plastic surgeons to innovate a new ‘dual concept’ breast augmentation procedure.

“Breast implants are heavy and they stretch the skin; the larger the implant, the more trauma they do the body. By using a smaller implant and then augmenting it with a fat transfer, you are achieving the same effect while doing less damage.

“It’s also great for breast implant replacement procedures. Breast implants are not a lifetime procedure and you may have to undergo repeat procedures at any time. However, many women that underwent a breast augmentation in their 20s, may want something different when they return in their 30s or 40s.

“With a hybrid breast augmentation, you have a smaller, lighter implant and the rest is augmented with your fat. Next time, you may go even smaller and have more fat transferred. Or at that point, many women wish to have their implants removed altogether and we may perform a breast lift combined with fat transfer.”

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