Cost of Upper And Lower Blepharoplasty In London

The Cost of Blepharoplasty and What to Expect

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that deals with correcting the condition of your skin caused by aging especially near your eyelids and around the eyes. The operation is a sensitive process and a great concern especially to the elderly. Nobody wishes to have sagging eyelids as this could cause tiredness, headaches, tears, and pain as one struggle to see with the sagging eyelids and that is why it should be a great concern.

This Cosmetic Surgery in UK is ideal for anyone with swollen eyelids and unattractive fat sediments, but it is highly recommended for individuals who are physically fit and have a mental stability. The age recommendable is 35 years and above, but if this is an issue that runs in the family, you can have it corrected at a younger age.

Who is not fit for the surgery?

As mentioned, this is a serious and sensitive process, and not everyone can bare going through it and coming out fine. Some of the cases where one is not allowed to undergo the procedure are if one has dry eyes, persons suffering from high blood pressure, individuals with cardiovascular problems, hypothyroidism, grave diseases just to mention a few.

When is the right time for the surgery?

Fortunately, the procedure can be done without any restrictions, but it is a good idea that if you plan on going for a vacation or places where there is sunlight exposure, you should wait for at least three weeks after the surgery.

What are the expectations after the surgery?

Once the surgery is done, your site becomes clear again, excess skin is removed, and the shape of your eyelids becomes firm. However, there are risks associated with Blepharoplasty which include;

• You may experience blurred or double vision. This is expected to happen for just a few days after the surgery.
• The eyelids’ corners may experience a temporary swelling
• You may experience ectropion, which is a swelling on the lower part and in such a case you may need another surgery.
• At times you may have a hard time when sleeping due to difficulties when closing your eyes.
• Sometimes you may experience hearing problems

Your cosmetic surgeon will inquire about your health history to know if you are fit for the surgery. If you are found to be good, the surgeon will do an eye test, and also you have to produce your eye record to determine if you have been having any troubles in the past and if the eyes are suitable for surgery.

How is the surgery done?

It comprises of the removal of the excess skin and fat from the eyelids. This operation does not take a lot of time, and it is done when you are awake although you will be given painkillers to relieve pain. It will take about an hour and probably go home after and it is, therefore, a wise idea if you carry sunglasses with you.

What to do after the surgery?

Applying ice is recommended for the first few days after the surgery. After three days you can start using Stratamed to make the healing quickly. Limit the time you spend reading, using the computer and watching TV for the first week. Stitches are removed after a week or so, and you will have to wait for the swelling to subsidize after that.

What is the cost?

Blepharoplasty in London will cost you about £1499 to GPB £3374 depending on the degree of your problem.
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