Recommended and Renowned Aesthetic Surgeon in London – Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe

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If you perform an online search for aesthetic surgeons in the London area, the number of results are overwhelming. That said, based on both testimonials and credentials, there is a clear choice regarding which recommended aesthetic surgeon patients choose, Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe.

Who is Mark Ho-Asjoe?

Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in St. Thomas’ Hospital in London since 2003. He began his surgical training in 1989, and obtained the gold medal in primary FRCS. After researching in the area of wound healing and burns, Mark decided to specialise in plastic surgery. Whilst in training, Mark also worked at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan which is one of the leading micro-surgical reconstructive centers in the world, in addition to lecturing at The Queen Mary University Hospital in Hong Kong.

Why Choose Mark Ho-Asjoe for your Plastic Surgeon in London?

There are a few simple reasons why Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe is one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in the UK.

He is listed on the General Medical Council (GMC) Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery and is a member of The British Association of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). In addition he is a member of The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Plastic Surgeons (BAPRAS). All members have trained through an approved training programme and are fully accredited with Certificate of Completion of Surgical Training (CCST).

Secondly, Mark has many years of experience in performing a variety of different aesthetic surgeries. If you are in need of facial surgery, Mark can perform surgeries such as rhinoplasty, ear correction, double eyelid surgery, and cheek augmentation. If it is breast surgery that you need, Mark is accomplished in performing general breast augmentation, breast lifting, male breast reduction and procedures involving the correction of breast asymmetry. He can also perform minor procedures such as scar revisions and surgery and specialises in Asian-aesthetics.

Lastly, a reason that is often the most decisive reasons among potential patients that Mark Ho-Asjoe is the right choice for patients as a Plastic Surgeon in London, England and the U.K.  is that he achieves results. Mark has received incredibly positive testimonials from those who have been his patients. For example, one patient wrote that she did not believe that is was possible to have realistic looking breasts after a breast augmentation, but she admitted that Mark definitely proved her wrong. Another former patient wrote that Mark Ho-Asjoe was not only an incredible surgeon that provided her with impressive results, but also a good listener who took all of her comments and concerns into consideration. It must also be stated that these are not isolated reviews. If you go to his practice’s website’s testimonials page, you can see that the page is full of incredibly positive reviews regarding his work and the professionalism of his practice.

With all of this said, the evidence is quite clear that Mark Ho-Asjoe is not only an incredibly proficient London Plastic Surgeon but also one of the best aesthetic surgeons too. His combination of experience and customer satisfaction gathered through the years is impressive. If you are even thinking about having an aesthetic surgery, Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe is the one to call. If you are in need of more information regarding his practice or its contact information, please contact Mr. Mark Ho-Asjoe here.

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